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Courtroom Dress Code No shorts, pajamas, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, hats, sunglasses or t-shirts with obscene or inappropriate messages shall be worn by parties, witnesses or jurors in the courtroom. In addition, all shirts shall be tucked in before entering the courtroom, and all men's shirts must have sleeves.   KENTUCKY COURT DOCKETS LINK

Prohibited Items To The Justice Center

- Gun or any weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or serious physical injury, may be discharged.
- Any knife
- Billy, nightstick or club
- "Blackjack" or " Slapjacks"
- Nuchaku Karate Sticks
- Shuriken or Death Stars
- Artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic or other similar hard material
- Any ammunition
- Explosives of any kind
- Handcuff keys
- Compressed gasses or sprays
- Or any item believed to be capable of inflicting serious bodily injury, including but not limited to baseball bats, pitchforks, axes, etc...
- Cell phones
- Food or drink

Members of the security detail will not hold nor be responsible for any items that are prohibited in the Hopkins County Justice Center.

Admission Searches Any person desiring to enter the Hopkins County Justice Center shall enter only through the front entrance and shall pass through a magnetometer (metal detector). Prior to passing through the device, all persons shall empty his or her pockets, purses, backpacks, etc. and place all metal objects in the designated container. In the event the person cannot go through the walk-through magnetometer, a hand held detector shall be used.

Any person who activates the device and still desires to enter the Hopkins County Justice Center will be searched using a hand held detector. If the hand held device is activated, the person will not be allowed to enter the Hopkins County Justice Center unless the person gives consent to a search of their person.

Any person carrying a package, briefcase, purse or any item which in the opinion of the security detail could contain a weapon shall submit said item for search upon request by the security detail.

As a result of a search any discovery of illegal weapons, contraband, controlled substances or marijuana as defined in KRS 500.080(4) and KRS 219.010(2)(9) or violation of criminal statutes will result in the immediate notification of law enforcement so that appropriate action may be taken, including arrest an seizure of objects.

If an individual indicates they do not want to go through the magnetometer because of a pacemaker or other medical reason, they shall be scanned by the security detail using a hand held metal detector. Generally, persons with a pacemaker will have a card stating the fact. Any persons entering in a wheelchair will be scanned using a hand held metal detector.

Building Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm
*except for recognized holidays or other dates and times as designated by the Circuit Judge.

Justice Center Phone Numbers

Circuit Clerk: (270) 824-7501

Circuit Bookkeeping: (270) 824-7504

Family Court: (270) 824-7502

Felony Offenses: (270) 824-7501

District Court Civil Suits: (270) 824-7509

Traffic Offenses and Misdemeanors: (270) 824-7507

Pre-Trial Release: (270) 824-7517

Probation and Parole: (270) 824-7518

Drivers Licensing: (270) 824-7503

Court Designated Worker: (270) 824-7574


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